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Authors: SKoT McDonald, Andrew Simper (Vellocet)
Current version: alpha 12.1.2 (25 April 2001)
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VS1 is vellocet's Virtual Synth, currently in alpha testing (Win95/98 only). Intended to be a stand alone soft-synth/sampler, and eventually a VST plugin synth. Currently, functionality is roughly equivalent to a Roland JV1080 with granular synthesis and sampling ability, with extra FX. (And much, much more customizable, if not quite as stable)


  • aqua - a (poor) MacOSX ripoff by Vellocet [image]
  • vom - VS1 ready for jungle warfare - contributed by michU [image]

Joining the testing program


If you want to join the VS1 alpha testing program, send an email with the subject line marked 'vs1 alpha' (all lowercase) and in the body of the message, send us your:

  • Full Name (at least 8 characters!)
  • email address for newletters
  • System details (CPU, memory, sound card, MIDI interface, Windows version)
  • A brief paragraph outlining your level of computer music experience (we don't need world experts, but at the same time we want people who aren't going to ask 'What's a MIDI?' - we're sure you understand...)
to skot@vellocet.com. Please remember to add vellocet@vellocet.com to your list of allowed email sources if you use a filter - otherwise you won't get anything! In return you will receive a serial number, and details of where to download the latest alpha version. Please send every idea you have for features - we are actively coding on this at the moment, so your suggestions may be incorporated very quickly! Please read the planned or current features list thoroughly so that you don't unnecessarily suggest stuff already in progress, or already in the synth - however, feel free to email your ideas on how such features should be implemented, and what priority they should have!

Qualifications for testers: You must have a working knowledge of MIDI, and know how to set up your audio and MIDI devices under Windows (alas, there is no Mac or linux version... yet). A basic knowledge of various simple synthesis techniques. A desire to try to break software. Recommended minimum system: 200MHz CPU, 64Mb RAM.

Newsletters and Documentation


Prototype VS1 Manual(22 Nov 1999)



  • 16 parts multi-timbral, poly-phonic.
  • Multi-layered patches (up to 4 at the moment) with independent LFOs and envelopes
  • Assign any MIDI continuous controller to any synthesis parameter.
  • Assign any MIDI-clock sync-able LFO to any synth parameter, 8 LFO's per patch currently.
  • Wide range of generators including WAV files, sine, tri, saw, PWM, square, and many more.
  • Synthesis methods include simple generator, FM with 1 or 2 modulators, ring modulation, granular synthesis
  • Virtual MIDI continuous controllers for each part - mouse pad, sliders. Soon, joystick too.
  • Each part has inbuilt panning delay, filters, distortion
  • Pitch, amplitude and filter envelopes, with loops
  • Map velocity to filter position and level using smoothly transformable convex to concave curves
  • DirectX support for soundcards.
  • Cubase VST plugin support (Basic at moment - better soon!)
  • Graphically edited dynamic and loopable envelopes for pitch, filter and amplitude.
  • Part level mixer
  • Multi-threaded synthesis engine
  • Expansion-proof, architecture-independent patch files (ready for porting...)
  • Virtual keyboard.
  • Wavetable keymaps (up to 128 waves per layer per instrument, multiple stacked waves per note)
  • Automated drumloop sectioning across key regions
  • Controls that move as you move your MIDI controls - woah, freaky. (alright, so it's been done before)
  • Save wave data with patches
  • Made possible by Gerbil Power (tm)... (we'll say no more... ;) )

Current Work


Current work (as of 25 April 2001).

  • Save patches to SoundFont format
  • OS-independant interface sub system
  • Live audio stream wave-table synthesis / sampling [ 30% done]
  • AI drum sequence generator [20%]
  • Full song length piano roll sequencing. [20%]
  • Formant, additive, bonus FM synthesis modes [40%]
  • ASIO support. [80% done]
  • Dynamic interface [50% done]
  • Dense interaction/display controls
  • Rearrangeable effect orders and feedback loops. [40% done]
  • Shared memory wave-table synthesis [5% done]
  • Load Akai, iff, au, aiff sound files [low priority - you can use a conversion tool!]

Demo Patches


Here we aim to collect VS1 patches, organised by type. Soon VS1 will allow you to save your wave data in your patch, so that granular synthesis patches can be shared as well...

Simple Synthetic Sounds

  • DeepPWM - a simple PWM bass with a sub-sonic sine wave undertone

Screen shots