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Cubase VST plugins

Name Notes Win Mac Author
VFracDistort Wave-shaping distortion v1.00 (21.9.2000) none SKoT
VdPhazor Randomize subband phase (FFT) v1.00 (13.9.2000) none SKoT
VSpectShift Spectrum shifter (FFT) v1.00 (13.9.2000) none SKoT
VRingMod Ring Modulator, triggered LFO v 1.00 (13.9.2000) none SKoT
VLogicDistortion Low level bit-wise signal munching v1.02 (25.9.2000) none Chris
VReorder Instant breakbeat reorderer v1.20 (6.6.98) (custom GUI) v1.20 (24.6.98) (no GUI) Andy
VNoiseGate Noise gate, adjustable env. v1.00 (2.4.98) v1.00 (6.6.98) SKoT
VPingPong BPM stereo delay with filter v1.05 (11.6.98) v1.05 (24.6.98) Andy
VFlanger Flanger, with L/R phase control v1.20 (16.2.01) v1.10 (9.2.98) SKoT
VNoPhones Binaural spatialisation expt. v1.00 (17.2.98) v1.00 (17.2.98) SKoT
Music Bits

Name Notes Win Mac Author
VS1 Vellocet Virtual Synth 12.03.2001, v a12.1.0(Alpha testers only) (Not available) SKoT/Andy
VMIDIJoY Direct-X Joystick to MIDI ctrl, has patch settings. 22.4.2003, v2.6.2 (not available) SKoT
VVocoder Command line Vocoder v1.00 (1.3.2001), DOS SKoT
C2NRP Converts MIDI ctrl into NRP msgs in real time (2.8.99) SKoT
Other stuff

Name Notes OpSys Notes Author
NADSAT English / Nadsat translator, a la A ClockWork Orange. DOS, v1.20, (2.7.97)
or nadsat.gz for i386 linux.
Source code available! SKoT



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Licence agreement


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Plugins written using Steinberg's VST Software Development Kit. All Steinberg copyrights acknowledged.