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Sound Bites

Nifty gig reports: [Top]
  • Earth Stomp 2000 rave in the forest south-west of Perth was a blast, featuring our first use of a video projector. We combined OpenGL generated graphics with live, effected video, and other prepared eye-candy collages drawn from various sources (inc New Scientist magazine - they have a truly whacky art dept!)
  • City Farm in March 2000 employed VS1 in a live situation for the first time, munching up Aeon Flux samples. Also deployed the DePhazor algorithm on samples to create periods of anti-time; this effect destroys phase relationships between subbands that the ear requires to build temporal cues. Raver bunnies seem to like it... :)
Tunes: [Top]

These are getting long in the tooth now - to be updated!

Vellocet Beeps n Noise n Stuff:

  • Shifter[Sim/McD, Jun 1997] - Industrio-Beeps
  • Object/Subject [McD, Jan 1998, 560k] - Industrio-Beeps
  • Xuev [McD, Apr 1997, 350k] - Electro-Pop

Vellocet... well, "Other"...

Unperformed Stuff

Older drafts...

Band Members:

  • Shane Chambers - programming, percussion, keyboards
  • SKoT McDonald - programming, bass, keyboards, vocs
  • Andrew Simper - programming, guitar, keyboards, vocs