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Wot the droogs up to, then?
Vellocet are currently working on the core of two VST instruments with FXpansion in London, funnily enough almost next door to a Bloomsbury housing estate used in ACWO. (Thought it looked familar, eh Dim?)

First up is the BFD, an extremely high quality acoustic drum module, disk-streaming multi mic'ed recordings of vintage and modern drum kits produced by LA engineer Steve Duda. Each of 6 kits is over a gigabyte in size, each of a variety of hit styles having 11 channels of 24 bit sound, upto 46 velocity layers per kit piece. An integrated Groove Engine allows for semi-automated performance and exploration at a higher level, with hundreds of grooves played by real session drummers. The BFD is nearing release - exploding all over a hard drive near you September 2003.

In the darker recesses of the Korova milk bar, we have some nefarious nyeh-heh-hehing in the works for a new synth that should twist a few dials at NAMM 2004. Stay Tuned!

Welcome to the Vellocet website!

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Vellocet (Australia)
Perth, W.A.

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What does Vellocet mean?
Vellocet is an added extra served in the moloko-plus drinks made by the Korova Milk Bar in Anthony Burgess's "A Clockwork Orange". Its effects included heightened perception and energy, and increased aggression. All in all, not a very nice drug considering the amount of tolchoking and general biff it led Alex and his droogs into.