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Need some extra audio and music programming power? Cutting edge synthetic sounds? Vellocet can help!

What Vellocet can do for your project:

  • Specialised audio and music programs - We have a long history of not just using MIDI and audio, but writing our own programs to produce music as well. See our software page for examples of some freeware vellocet programs resulting from this work.
  • Research - Vellocet team members Andy and SKoT have strong ongoing postgraduate research in Artificial Vision (MSc) and Computational Auditory Scene Analysis (PhD) respectively. We always aim to create and innovate on the edge.
  • Original sound and music for computer games, theater and film.
  • Digital studio consultancy and training

Current projects and clients:

  • tomandandy - DSP / Effects, software synthesis, audio analysis, Music AI under MacOSX.

Some of our previous projects and clients:

  • A Clockwork Orange - Original score and sound design for the Perth Artrage Festival 2000 production.
  • tomandandy - Audio streaming layer for the Win98 port of the Openstep Music Kit, supporting DirectX and MME.
  • University of Western Australia, Psychology Department - realtime 7 channel stimulus generation and subject response recording program for auditory spatialisation experiment. Used Event Darla card, required sub-millisecond timing accuracy. (Win32)
  • Visionary Systems - Original sound, music, and graphics, and assistance on the graphics engine for a java based game resembling Doom as part of a Danish Super-soaker water pistol advertising campaign. Yep, it was weird. (Java)